Job Satisfaction and Work-Life Balance: Employee Performance

Subject: Employee Management
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This specific study aims to analyze the correlation between work-life balance, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment, and employee performance. These mentioned variables will be referred to as three independent variables and a dependent one later on. In the course of the research, three hypotheses were formulated; these are statements that there is a positive relationship between an employee’s work-life balance, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment and his overall working productivity. The study was conducted on the staff of various universities of Northern Malaysia. Therefore, the problem this study addresses is employee productivity and the factors influencing it.


Quantitative research was conducted; thus, the main mean of justifying the hypotheses was data collection. The data was collected using the probability sampling technique, and the main respondents were administrative staff members of Northern Malaysian universities. The main method author used as a mean of data analysis was multiple regression analysis. Thus, the changes in the dependent variable were analyzed based on changes in the independent ones.


The results of the data analysis led the research’s author to several essential findings; it was discovered that there is a high level of connection between three independent variables mentioned above and a dependent one. In addition, it was discovered that when an employee is appreciated by management, he is able to show high levels of working performance. Moreover, administrative staff of Northern Malaysian universities shows elevated levels of organizational commitment and job satisfaction. Besides that, all three stated hypotheses were supported by the analyzed data. Thus, all three mentioned aspects tend to affect workers’ performance positively.


It can be concluded that the three hypotheses of the study were proven by the results of data analysis. The author states that these results depict a serious correlation between three independent variables and a dependent one, especially among the Northern regions university staff. In the author’s opinion, the conclusion that can be drawn from these results is that it is essential for any company to keep track of the mentioned aspects to raise employees’ working performance. Therefore, the main recommendation is to improve employees’ motivation and satisfaction.


Abdirahman, H. I., Najeemdeen, I.S., Abidemi, B.T., & Ahmad, R. (2018). The relationship between job satisfaction, work-life balance and organizational commitment on employee performance. Academic Journal of Economic Studies.