Johnny the Bagger: Transformational Leadership

Subject: Leadership Styles
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Johnny the Bagger believes in the transformational kind of leadership. In his three-minute video clip, we learn about how little things that are generally taken for granted can change people’s lives. In business, it is very crucial to create good relations with the customers. However, creating good relations with customers requires discipline and mannerism. In businesses where customer services are offered for example in the hospitality industry, simple acts influence productivity. Delivering services with an amicable spirit is a rare yet desirable trait.

It is very easy to notice when services are offered from the heart and this creates very unique customer loyalty. When services are offered from the heart, customers become loyal, and their attitudes towards a product or a business are transformed. Johnny derives his argument from a passage in the Christian Bible, which states, “Man came to serve and not to be served”. His model of leadership is based on social principles where he teaches that leaders should ask themselves how their actions affect other people’s lives. He argues that good leaders are not defined by how much they know but by how much they care about other people.

Great leaders are those who are willing to serve others selflessly. On the other hand, the willingness to serve creates an opportunity to influence others. Leadership based on serving others is the most effective way to create a connection between leaders and their subjects. Serving customers from the heart creates a connection that makes the customer feel valued. This video is a good illustration of how making a customer feel valued and cared for can be achieved.