Evidence-Based Management Practice

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Evidence-based management is the scientific management of the company through effective planning and excellent execution of strategies into measurable results through the use of past, present, and future trends to create actual results. Evidence-based management facilitates rational decision-making among the executive managers since they will be empowered to support their decisions with quantifiable and justifiable action plans in line with the main goal of quality performance and optimal service delivery.

Evidence-based management adds value to effective management practice through several means. Since it is the process of adopting alternative solutions through shattering and questioning existing paradigms and modeling fresh ones upon toppling the previous paradigms, it encompasses an intuitive, strategic, and group learning system of self-organization and decision making that is controlled within an open-ended change situation. Often, this mirage network operates against the existing bureaucratic and hierarchical structures. Moreover, it possesses a learning process that directs the innovative and creative directions of probing existing paradigms. Notwithstanding, it is built on tactic knowledge that internalizes unconscious and unexpressed knowledge of the informal probing team.

The tactic knowledge is often shown as expertise awareness in a field rather than instructions and communicated plans. In a typical business environment, extraordinary management is essential in rescuing a disintegrating firm with questionable norms. Besides, it is effective in tracking achievable target objectives for pending decisions through critical reviewing the cause and developing alternative solutions by the managers that are in line with the targeted solutions. After this, evidence-based management allows managers to carry out alternatives evaluation by applying statistical techniques and relevant experience to quantify the prospect of success.