The Future Internet Company’s Effectiveness

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The factors/reasons that explain the effectiveness of the Future Internet include the following. To begin with, the company uses the goal attainment approach to effectiveness to enable each employee to attain his/ her targets. The employees are given clear, measurable, and time-bound goals to avoid misunderstandings. In this case, effectiveness at the individual level is attributed to employees’ skills and knowledge. Specifically, each employee is considered effective if they use their expertise to achieve their goals or targets.

At the group level, the company uses the systems approach to effectiveness. This involves assigning tasks to various project teams that must work together to achieve a common objective. Each project team/ group consists of key experts with specialized knowledge in areas such as product design and system analysis. The team members share their knowledge and support each other to complete each project according to the desired quality standards. Thus, teamwork is the main factor that promotes effectiveness at the group level in the company.

At the organizational level, the company’s effectiveness is attributed to four factors. First, the company is effective in achieving its customers’ expectations because of its ability to access new technologies for designing websites. The use of new technologies has significantly improved the company’s effectiveness in terms of its ability to provide high-quality services. Second, the company has a large and loyal customer base. Most of the customers are large organizations in the public and private sectors. Serving these clients is lucrative because of their high purchasing power and ability to make regular purchases. Therefore, the company is effective in achieving its market share and profitability objectives because of its ability to attract and retain customers.

Third, Future Internet is effective because of its lean organizational structure. The company improves its financial performance by retaining only key positions that directly add value to it. As a result, it has been able to avoid the costs and losses associated with running an overstaffed company. The organizational structure also simplifies the managing director’s supervisory role by reducing the number of departments that he has to monitor. Finally, Future Internet’s effectiveness is attributed to its human resource management (HRM) policy. The company’s HRM policy guarantees job security and a friendly work environment. Moreover, high performers are rewarded appropriately. Thus, the policy promotes high performance and job satisfaction in the company.