Performance Indicators in European Hotels in Practice

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As a manager, I need to work on developing the leadership approach, which will eventually lead the company that I am going to be a part of to the sustainable use of the existing resources. Therefore, the article by Harris and Mongiello has served as a boost for my professional evolution. With the analysis of the ideas provided by Harris and Mongiello, the realisation of the flaws of my current leadership strategy came, leading to the conclusion that my leadership skills and management strategies need a major update. Indeed, a lot of managers make the same mistake of relying unreasonably hard on the financial analysis and underestimating the need for an organisation to maintain a balance between the focus on the financial aspect of the company’s operations and the communication processes. As a result, the company suffers from the underrepresentation and underdevelopment of one of its key departments.

As one may conclude from Harris and Mongiello’s article, the lack of emphasis on either the financial operations or the communication process may be viewed as the result of the inconsistent use of the existing communication technologies. Indeed, unless a proper information management strategy is adopted, delivering the essential information to every single department of an organisation can hardly be viewed as a possibility. Hence, it can be concluded that the sustainability within an organisation, as well as the emphasis on the key elements of the corporate mechanism, can only be maintained in a company that utilises technologically advanced methods of data transfer, storage and retrieval. The above-mentioned conclusions are of major essence to me as a manager. Allowing a manager to distribute roles and responsibilities among the staff in an appropriate manner, the information about the significance of adequate data management makes the basis for a manager to succeed.