Nordstrom Firm’s Measuring Web-based Inventory Integration

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In order to evaluate the effectiveness of Nordstrom’s Web-based inventory integration system, the company can undertake several steps. One of the strategies to utilize is benchmarking, which will help in identifying the success of the use of its inventory integration approachs. The company can compare its current sales and the ones during past months with the current and past sales of other retailers operating in the market. If Nordstrom’s sales are higher than the corresponding benchmark, the organization’s system is effective. Another option is the comparison of sales volumes of Nordstrom and its major competitors in different markets. It can also be effective in analyzing the sales or exact earnings based on online customers’ purchasing patterns. It is possible to consider whether customers shopping online or those buying from actual stores spend more money or buy more goods. The comparison of this data can shed light on the use of online services and their popularity.

As far as planning objectives are concerned, the company can compare the average amount of sales and those taking place during particular periods (such as holidays, summer, and Christmas). This information can be instrumental in forecasting the necessary amounts of items at specific periods. It is possible to assess the sales of particular items (the focus can be on the color, design, and functionality) in Nordstrom in different time frames, as well as in the company’s competitors. Ensuring the availability of particular items in specific regions or even stores can improve the quality of the provided services and, as a result, customer satisfaction. It is also possible to generate such planning objectives as delivery time and overtime production. The forecast of offset is another important aspect to consider when planning, with a special focus on particular periods.