Management. Circumstances of Conflicts in the Workplace

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Nowadays, organizations tend to prioritize the importance of creating trust and support. Being a manager of the company not only implies communicating the mission to the customers but creating favorable conditions for developing a friendly atmosphere and trusting relationships with the employees. Overall, prioritizing friendliness has a positive impact on performance, employees’ motivation and commitment, minimize conflicts, and encourages the workforce to participate in decision-making processes. Creating a favorable environment has a beneficial impact on the overall organizational performance and assists in reaching its corporate objectives and goals while making the employees an important part of the team.

Even though the company cherishes the importance of social responsibility, various issues and conflicts may arise due to a plethora of reasons. One of the potential causes that often takes place is the ineffective distribution of workload by the managers. In the case of a complaint, as a manager of the firm I can contact an employee directly and try to understand the cause of the problem. Taking into account the employee’s side of the issue will help resolve the situation with a favorable outcome for both parties.

Consulting various legal documents, the company’s Code of Conduct, and having meetings with the HR team will help find a resolution to this issue. Another set of circumstances may be related to personal attitudes and interpersonal conflicts between managers and employees. In this case, opposing interests might lead to disagreement concerning a particular question. One of the resolutions to this issue is applying the concepts of assertive communication. It will help find a compromise while satisfying the needs of both parties.

In this case, setting a meeting with the rest of the employees to determine the nature of the issue and conducting the research assists in understanding whether the proposal of the employee is beneficial for the company. In turn, the conflict might arise when the rights and efforts of the employee are not recognized, and he/she has a feeling of being mistreated. In this case, this conflict can be resolved with the help of grievance procedures while relying on the company’s internal standards and legislation.

In this instance, managers can apply various strategies to minimize and prevent conflicts in the workplace. Having an open discussion with the employees and understanding the consequences of the conflict are the most suitable strategies to prevent the development of conflicts. Simultaneously, a management team of the company has to support friendly organizational culture, as it will assist in decreasing the number of conflicts related to the lack of satisfaction with the working conditions and clash of interests.