Was the Creation of the U-Brand a Good Idea?

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The idea to create U-Brand was necessary. The UAE Media Industry was attracting more investors from different parts of the world. The minds behind the company understood the issues affecting the UAE Media industry. Basheer understood most of the opportunities and strengths that would make U-Brand a leading company in the region. The company would produce quality media products for different clients in the region. U-Brand wanted to offer various media solutions to specific clients and companies. The company wanted to produce both digital and print media. Basheer would be in charge of the company’s operations because he understood many things about the industry. He also hired competent designers and programmers to create the best products for the company.

Basheer decided to start the company in one of the best locations in the region. The targeted “free zone” promoted U-Brand’s operations and goals. Dubai Media City was the right location because it supported every media company in the region. The city presented the best access to the wider metropolitan region. The location would make it easier for the firm to attract more customers. Dubai Media City also equipped businesspeople with leisure and event licenses. This decision supported U-Brand’s business goals. The next thing was to start the company within a period of one year. The company started its operations in 2006. The company began to make profits within one year. Basheer was happy because his company was achieving the best goals. U-Brand was also becoming a leading designer of stalls and banners. The company began to pay Mrs. Siddiq AED 10,000 every month. This practice was in accordance with the original agreement between the two partners. A positive organizational culture emerged in the firm. A new organizational behavior emerged whereby the employees worked as teams. This process promoted the concept of teamwork. The workers focused on U-Brand’s core values.