The Model of Organizational Culture of Future Internet

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Future Internet has a market-oriented organizational culture. This means that the company emphasizes the importance of achieving measurable results and overcoming competition. Future Internet’s market-oriented culture is reflected in its vision statement, which clearly indicates that the company’s strategic intent is to exceed the performance expectations of its stakeholders. In order to satisfy market needs, the company focuses on scanning the external environment and responding accordingly.

Specifically, Future Internet adapts to changes in the business environment by restructuring and realigning its operations to respond to emerging market needs. This involves emphasizing the need to develop improved strategies for meeting customers’ expectations continuously. For instance, the company’s organizational structure is often modified to facilitate effective communication between the management and employees.

Future Internet’s objective is to be the preferred website designer in the UAE. In this respect, the company promotes an achievement-oriented culture in which the primary objectives are to provide the best services and increase profitability. These objectives are meant to improve the company’s performance in two ways. First, improved profitability enables the company to access the resources that it needs to expand its operations. Secondly, providing the best services enables the company to retain its customers.

Future Internet’s market-oriented culture calls for consistency in the implementation of its business strategies. For instance, the company has focused on pursuing its core business activity (designing websites) rather than diversifying its operations by providing extra services to customers. This strategy enables the company to use its scarce resources to leverage its core competency, which lies in designing excellent services. Consequently, Future Internet’s brand image has improved because customers associate it will high quality and reliability.

Consistency is also important to the company because it facilitates integration, coordination, and control of business processes and employees’ behaviors. In particular, the need to ensure consistency has enabled the company to adopt effective work policies, which encourage accuracy and paying attention to details. These policies ensure that the desired quality standards and the deadlines for completing various projects are achieved consistently.

As a market-oriented company, Future Internet involves its employees in its activities by creating a sense of ownership and responsibility. The employees are empowered to develop new ideas to improve the company’s performance through process and product innovation. In addition, the employees are highly involved in the decision-making processes in the company. Involvement is also promoted through teamwork, where every member of the team is responsible for a specific task that contributes to the overall performance of the group. Staff involvement is an integral element of the company’s market-oriented culture because it promotes high productivity.

The sense of ownership improves the employees’ commitment to the company, which in turn leads to improved performance at the individual and group levels. The company also believes in developing the capacity of its employees through training programs and exposure to new roles. On-the-job training programs equip the employees with new skills and knowledge that they require to develop products that satisfy market needs. Similarly, exposure to new roles helps employees to gain adequate work experience in order to provide the best services.

The key values that underlie Future Internet’s organizational culture include trust, loyalty, and honesty. Trust enables the company to establish a strong relationship with its employees. This helps the company to ensure that its employees are dedicated to making it strong and successful. Honesty is an important value in the company since it facilitates the creation of long-term customer relationships, which improves the firm’s profitability. Corporate customers trust Future Internet because of its ability to keep its promises. The company also believes in being loyal to its employees and customers under all circumstances. This belief is based on the fact that the company considers its employees and customers to be the major determinants of its success.

Thus, the company supports its customers by taking into account their resource constraints and business needs when designing websites for them. Similarly, the company believes in supporting its employees to develop their careers and achieve their personal goals.