General Mills’ Strategic Choices and Implementation Controls

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The strategy implementation is usually determined as a “sequence of carefully planned consecutive steps.” It is observed that strategies may fail because of unexpected environmental changes in the market or the “inefficient implementation.” The success of the strategy depends on the company’s internal factors to a large extent. The right formulation of the strategy, the departments’ relations maintenance, communication, good execution, elaboration of the tactics for the strategy implementation, and the level of the employees’ commitment all together influence the strategy’s efficiency.

The implementation control is meant to detect strategic or environmental errors. It is possible to assume that such a big corporation as General Mills would control the strategies at first by analyzing the data and statistics at the level of the strategy formulation, and then by monitoring the environment and reviewing the outcomes.

The first method of control implies preliminary research that considers all the negative and positive factors. General Mills has a long history and a big experience to manage the formulation of a strategy that would lead to success. The purchase and sale of the brands require a certain amount of analytical estimations of the legal and financial factors and the expected outcomes. This step is extremely important, and it is obvious that General Mills can’t neglect the preliminary analysis and preparations while controlling the strategy.

The second method of control is the monitoring and estimation of achievements. The lack of success in the strategic outcomes can be a push toward changes. General Mills’ transparent policy makes it possible to observe how the strategic choices and activities changed over time. According to the “Events and Presentations” list published on the company’s website, General Mills’ officials use the estimation of the current achievements in finance and customer support and attraction to make changes that would invoke growth and development.