Key Demographics of the DoorDash Company

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Food is not merely a source of energy and sustenance for the body anymore. It has evolved into a formidable and competitive consumer niche in recent years. According to research conducted in the United States in 2019, more than half of customers consider themselves “foodies” (Carmely, 2021). More than 60% indicated they would attend an event only for the food, and 26% said they had posted a food photo on social media the preceding month (Carmely, 2021). Three types of people may be identified regarding which target audience considers DoorDash beneficial delivery for themselves. College students and young adults are the first groups. Because college students and young people live fast-paced lifestyles, they are a desirable demographic for food delivery services. With courses, hectic social lives, and new jobs, there is little time to think about dinner, let alone shop for groceries. According to studies, meal delivery services are also popular among this group since they miss home-cooked meals (Carmely, 2021). Meal delivery services may provide young people a sense of home while providing step-by-step instructions to help them learn to cook independently.

Parents are an essential portion of the delivery market’s target demographic. Parents often become stressed while organizing a meal at the end of the day due to music classes, soccer sessions, and countless to-do lists. For busy parents and families, meal delivery services are a fantastic choice. Not only would it save parents time from going to the store, but it will also allow them to cook with their children without all the added labor that comes with meal preparation. Dinner preparation becomes less of a chore and more of an adventure.

Meal kit delivery services are becoming increasingly popular among working professionals, particularly males. According to, surveys reveal that males are more likely than women to order a meal kit, with many claiming to have used the service (Carmely, 2021). Working professionals are frequently overworked, but a meal kit delivery service takes the guesswork out of meal planning and preparation.


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