Labor Issues in the Technical Intern Training Program in Japan

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The Technical Intern Training Program provides young men with the opportunity to work in Japanese factories that boast high-end equipment. The experience they get there can be extremely beneficial for their careers back in Vietnam. Moreover, the high management level and the multiple Japanese initiatives ensure that the workers enjoy high living standards. Nevertheless, many of those efforts can be undermined if a worker decides to leave the factory to stay in Japan.

In most cases, Vietnamese workers realize all the risks that are associated with the irresponsible decision of abandoning the workplace, some young people believe it is possible to break the rules and find a way to stay in Japan permanently. By doing so, they not only hinder the efforts of both Japan and Vietnam to organize a mutually beneficial type of cooperation but also expose themselves to the risk of being exploited by illegal labor brokers.

Therefore, families of those working abroad are to be encouraged to remind the workers of the necessity of coming back to Vietnam (Dong Thap Province People’s Committee, 2020). Workers who decide to stay in Japan illegally lack the documents needed to enjoy any of the features of the Japanese high living standards.

The proper implementation of the program is not possible without a special information campaign. It should seek to explain to future interns that the program provides first and foremost experience and skills that can be beneficial while working in Vietnam, not the chance to earn money in Japan. Creating the right incentives and emphasizing them is the key to the program’s success. Officials in charge have to do their utmost to keep interns from leaving the factory with the aim of finding another job and staying in Japan. Moreover, the management should ensure that the workers staying in Japan are encouraged to return.


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