Qualities of a Leader: A Focus on Malcolm Jenkins

Subject: Leadership Styles
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Malcolm Jenkins is a two-time Super Bowl Champion and an acclaimed leader. One of his most conspicuous achievements is Malcolm Inc., an organization he founded and currently serves as its chief executive officer. The interview explores Jenkins’ growing business portfolio in addition to his perspective on his broadcasting career and the American National Football League’s commitment to racial justice, revealing outstanding leadership qualities.

Watching Jenkins’s interview reveals that he possesses three important leadership traits worth emulating. Some of the indicators that a person suits the managerial position are self-confidence, remarkable communication skills, and personal integrity (Galunic, 2020). Jenkins explains himself eloquently and succinctly, enabling even a culturally diverse audience to peek into his childhood and how he developed the fundamental principle – ‘personal success is not enough’ – underpinning his passion to uplift others. Another important quality is his focus on developing not only himself but for others as well. He claims that he is always looking for ways to enable others to leverage their skills, capital, and opportunities. Jenkins exhibits confidence, excellent communication skills, and strong personal values.

A powerful strategy I have learned from the interview is the revolutionary power of collaboration. Jenkins embraces group economics to challenge the most restrictive and ineffective consensus about economic empowerment: laboring oneself for as long as the body can sustain, saving aggressively, and living off the savings – an economic suicide (Sports Business Radio, 2021). According to Jenkins, breaking this vicious cycle requires evaluating the dangers of making investment initiatives independently and contrasting them against the implications of doing it together. In other words, Jenkins’s leadership strategy hinges on the conviction that genuine economic strength that can last for generations is achievable through unity.

In conclusion, the podcast reveals that Malcolm Jenkins is an effective leader. He possesses excellent interpersonal skills and strong values and is passionate about empowering others, which is the essence of leadership. His core strategy is to empower and mobile group strength to pursue success – a true affirmation of the age-old adage that ‘unity is strength.’


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