Elon Musk as an Influential Business Leader

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Elon Musk is an American entrepreneur who can be considered one of the most prominent and influential leaders in the contemporary world. I chose him to create insight into his activity, as I am confident that his actions play the most significant role in the future of humankind. Elon Musk’s achievements are the cofounding of the electronic-payment firm PayPal, forming SpaceX, the maker of spacecraft, and being a chief executive officer of the Tesla Company (Gregersen, n.d.). Elon Musk’s efforts significantly influence people’s lives, which will be more apparent over time. Eventually, the world will become a place where natural resources are not consumed to produce energy, and electric cars and space flights will be affordable.

I learned that Elon Musk has ten essential features of the way he leads. He inspires his team, ensuring they are confident and motivated enough (Maida, 2020). He sets stretch goals, which are complicated to achieve at first glance, but enables him to come to significant results. He challenges the status quo with his innovative ideas and micromanages at the same time, covering all vital points(Maida, 2020). He hires smartly, believing in the power of teamwork, embraces failure, continuing to move forward, and constantly uses feedback to detect problems and find solutions. He values communication and rejects unnecessary meetings at the same time, which saves hours for the business (Maida, 2020). Finally, he is adaptable to all changes, and taking everything into consideration, he is a perfect innovative leader.

Elon Musk possesses a unique leadership style that can be characterized as a “transformational” one. The special feature of it is the concentration of global changes through implementing significant innovative improvements in different spheres of activities (Maida, 2020). On the other hand, this style can be described as an unpredictable one, as it often destroys the common perspectives to build new ones. This leadership is known for ambitious projects and vital influence on the world.


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