Leadership Through 4-Drive Model

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Organizational behavior has a significant impact on the efficiency of the company, its competitiveness, and overall success. In particular, organizational behavior determines how employees interact and how it affects work (Emma, 2019). Modern employees do not need a usual manager, who will force them to work with strict supervision, but a leader who will motivate and help reveal their abilities. To be leaders, managers should take into account various approaches and practices of organizational behavior. One of the potential tools they can use is the 4-Drive Model Theory. While it is still widely believed that finance is the main incentive for employees, other factors may have even more significant motivational effects.

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Motivation is essential to ensure that employees effectively perform their tasks and contribute to achieving the organization’s goals. According to Zoey (2016), in the four-drive model theory, several essential incentives stand out, which include:

  • Acquire and achieve – recognition of merit through career promotion and financial incentives.
  • Bond and belong – interaction and communication with other employees.
  • Create and challenge – solving complex problems and developing skills.
  • Define and defend – belonging to an organization that protects its employees.

Development in each of the areas contributes to improving relations between employees and the organization. These aspects are the dynamic needs of a person and affect communication quality (The Four Drive Model, 2018). Leaders influence each of these drives and contribute to their implementation (Nelson, n.d.). For example, according to Achieve & Acquire Drive, it is always necessary to recognize the employee’s achievements, not leaving them unnoticed. Thus, the 4-Drive Model Theory proposes an approach that considers the versatile needs of employees to make them motivated to work. Moving away from the traditional reliance on financial incentives is beneficial and helps develop employees’ potential, and contributes to a more positive attitude to work and intensive involvement.


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