Social Media Usage for Business Promotion

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Starbucks, one of the leading coffee companies, is successful at attracting clients from all over the globe. The company’s Instagram profile was selected as a reference for this assignment. Starbucks remains famous worldwide due to the atmosphere they transmit on social media. Social media usage is vital in the case of Starbucks since it is one of the methods which promotes them on the international level as one of the largest coffee companies (Martinus & Chaniago, 2017). It is successful due to its constant interaction with users on numerous platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and others (Moriuchi, 2016).

In addition, the organization’s Instagram is vivid and imaginative, which creates an additional appeal to the users. They also pay attention to cultural diversity and tell stories about their intercultural staff or customers, which ensures positive feedback from international followers.


On the basis of the analysis of Windows’ Instagram profile it was concluded that the company is less successful in promoting itself through social media. The corporation posts information once every three or four days, which is rare. The company needs to make posts on a daily basis to stay in touch with the audience (Silva et al., 2020). In addition, they may benefit from incorporating more entertaining content in the form of stories to receive feedback from social media users. For instance, they may launch a quiz consisting of questions that Instagram users could easily answer. Finally, focusing more on cultural diversity and filming videos about their employees discussing their ethnic background would be a beneficial strategic action. These strategies would help in promoting the company on Instagram.


The Instagram page that seems profitable is the one belonging to McDonald’s. First, they collaborate with international celebrities, which appeals to the audience and boosts the organization’s reputation. Besides, McDonald’s implements elaborate communicative strategies urging its subscribers to leave comments and participate in interactive quizzes and other interactive programs. Additionally, the company targets international audiences, paying attention to every culture and offering a range of options for the members of different ethnicities. The major appeal is that most of the regions selling McDonald’s have their own Instagram accounts which target the local audiences and offer food options adjusted to their cultural preferences. In general, this business page is increasingly successful in terms of promoting on social media by means of integrating communicative and entertaining strategies.


McDonald’s Instagram page was chosen as a reference for a social media profile. The business direction selected is coffee and donuts production. First, specific thematic colors were used to make the profile appealing to the audience because unified style is essential in brand promotion (Silva et al., 2020). Highlight stories were also created so that it would be easier for customers to find the requested information regarding items list, addresses, and other related data.

In addition, running a business demands a short but easy-to-remember slogan which was created for the profile. The last post uploaded is person-centric, which shares stories about employees or customers (in this case, it is a story of an international team member) (Moriuchi, 2016). The highlighted tab Feedback was created to show reviews about the company’s products. The other highlighted tab Q&A is increasingly essential to facilitate user experience and provide people with necessary information. Additionally, hashtags were used as a helpful tool to draw more subscribers (Martinus & Chaniago, 2017). Eventually, the page looks appealing, but, it needs to incorporate collaboration with other companies and people to promote itself to a global level.



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