Income Statement Review: IBM and Dell

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Arguably, the most important number in a company’s income statement is net income — the fundamental indicator of financial health. A positive net income means that the company earns more than it spends. IBM recorded $5,7 billion net income in 2017, $8,7 billion in 2018, and over $9,4 billion in 2019 (Yahoo Finance, 2021a). After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, IBM lost a significant amount of net income, achieving about $5,6 billion in net income in 2020 and $5,33 in TTM (Yahoo Finance, 2021a). The overall net income has decreased; however, IBM still maintained a substantial positive net income.

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On the other hand, DELL did much worse in terms of net income during the COVID crisis. The company finished 2019 with a $2,3 billion net loss (Yahoo Finance, 2021). Moreover, a year before, DELL showed an even worse net loss of over $3,7 billion (Yahoo Finance, 2021). Although DELL improved its results in 2020 and 2021, it still falls behind IBM with $4,6 and $3,25 billion in net income, respectively (Yahoo Finance, 2021). While DELL’s total revenue is significantly higher than IBM’s, the high cost of revenue nullifies its advantage and leads to a lesser net income.

Overall, IBM currently does better than DELL, despite lower total revenue. DELL constantly fails to keep the cost of revenue under $60 billion, while IBM manages to hold it around the $40 billion mark (Yahoo Finance, 2021a). As a result, IBM can afford to have more operating expenses, particularly in Research & Development department. For instance, in 2020, IBM spent over $6,3 billion on R&D, while DELL could afford only $5,275 billion (Yahoo Finance, 2021). In addition, DELL could suffer from the supply chain disruptions during the COVID pandemic, while IBM, which nowadays primarily specializes in software development, faces a lesser risk in that regard. As a result, IBM can keep the cost of revenue relatively low and develop its products better.


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