Logistics Management and Globalization: Key Findings

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The paper by Ceniga and Sukalova (2015) offers quite a number of interesting discoveries regarding the challenges of supply chain management (SCM) in the global context. The role of collaboration across the supply chain within the global context is, perhaps, the most important takeaway from the article under analysis. With the rise in the number of partners within a supply chain, cooperation is vital since it will guide the team members toward obtaining homogenous results that meet the set standards. In turn, without the focus on collaboration in the global setting, multiple discrepancies in managing tasks are likely to surface. For instance, delays are expected in the environment where collaboration does not thrive (Chang et al., 2020). In addition, the lack of cooperation between the participants will entail misunderstandings regarding the goals that staff members must pursue, which, in turn, will affect the outcomes and their quality. Therefore, the perception of an organization in the globalized economic setting depends largely on collaboration across its supply chain.

Another crucial result that the research in question has delivered implies that transparency in the context of global SCM is vital due to the need to minimize delays and reduce the threat of misunderstandings causing the mismanagement of tasks. Therefore, the focus on transparency could be regarded as another vital effect of globalization on the management of logistics processes within the global economic setting (Ceniga & Sukalova, 2015). Indeed, because of the increasingly large supply chain set in the global context, a company face a range of challenges in transferring data from one participant to another. With the increase in the number of agents that manage the data, the probability of an error increases, which is why transparency in SCM-related processes is vital for effective logistics performance.


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