Voting With a Wallet as a Way to Fight Greenwashing

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The emergence of such a marketing technique as greenwashing is directly related to the current dominance of consumerism. Unfortunately, now the vast majority of companies fail on sustainability. Hence, it obliges consumers to know how to determine whether a brand’s campaign is greenwashing or not. If it becomes evident that the company only makes it look like it supports environmental friendliness and sustainability, then one should vote with their wallet.

Walmart is a brand that has been accused of greenwashing. The plastics sold in Walmart were not as eco-friendly and biodegradable as it was claimed to be (Corcione, 2020). Under California law, it is prohibited to sell labeled “biodegradable” products if degradation frames are not specified. The ability to ask the right questions during the purchase of things and detect the company’s bad faith will help consumers determine whether the brand is greenwashing (Purcell, 2020). Signs of bad faith include the use of substandard “vegan” or “green” labels.

Suppose a company indicates that the goods are made from recyclable materials. It is necessary to request the results of a study of the product’s composition to ensure that the organization’s claims are valid. It is worth trusting not only the information posted on the site but also on third-party resources. Independent research is often published in the news exposing the malpractice of large corporations.

Voting with one’s wallet means a situation in which the consumers financially support brands whose policy they believe is correct. According to Clise (2020), “the everyday decisions we make about where we eat, drink, and shop actually shapes the community and world around us.” Raising people’s awareness of consumption contributes to an overall improvement in the quality of life. I am convinced that it is important to support brands that take concrete actions to protect the environment. If a company markets itself as eco-friendly and sustainable, it will need to prove that such a policy is being implemented.


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