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A blog is a website with information published consisting of discrete, provides brand information that answers customer questions, and helps to learn more about products and services. Blog brands have shifted their commerce from departing to entering marketing, intending to involve their customers further by designing value and adjoining two-way transmission. Inbound blogging brought a relatively brand-new way of retailing called influencer marketing. Alongside using influencers who have the appropriate target market, influencers can build on brand utility and brand recognition. The research aims to see how the influencer can be critical to the business on the blog.

Types of day spa influencers can attract visitors to the blog

First, the type of influencer preferred is macro-influencers; these are the celebrities on social media with many followers. Many brands typically approach these micro-influencers on their social media platform to use them to make their brand visible and create awareness among the customers (Leban & Voyer, 2020). The second influencer that Spa will prefer is mega influencers. These are well-known celebrities, especially from their talent; they can be singers, athletes, or even actors who have all attention of followers in all corners of the state. Their daily lives are followed by their support, and usually, their fans visit their social media platforms from time to time for updates. This can be the right approach to blog awareness through this kind of influencer. They have more than a million followers on their social media platforms who constantly check for updates from their favorite celebrities. For easy creating blog awareness, these are the preferred type of influencers that are likely to be considered.

Reasons for choosing this type of influencer

Marketing has relied on endorsement from celebrities for how they are well known. Celebs are the most followed people in the US and can help promote my blog (Sokolova & Kefi, 2020). They can bring in followers to generate a large audience that looks after advertising. For instance, influencers are probably aware of the appropriate times to publish certain information to get the most feedback.

Ways to reach these influencers

Reaching the influencer is by sending an email or social media message to the influencer and requesting them to collaborate. I will also follow them on their social media platforms and link my blog on their platforms by involving them. Other methods like contacting them directly are used by big companies, having a platform where influencers who are willing to collaborate can sign up and agree on how they will join and work together for a good outcome (Kostygina et al., 2020). In this case, the agreement is signed for a certain period and paid for.

It is enticing them to visit the blog

I will write more about the blog and explain how it will be working. I will indicate studies to show that the more often I update my blog, the more trade it will receive (Yesiloglu & Was, 2020). I will also include photos to incorporate keywords and incorporate links.

The blog will most effectively post the initial content for this type of influencer

Traders and influencers can use three types of contentment formats to talk about a style or item on social media: pictures, videos, or text. Pictures are the most customarily used format by traders and influencers, as influencers can naturally upload them on any social media platform (Abidin, 2016). People prefer downloading affordable and appropriate pictures to videos currently because it takes less time to view images than to watch videos.


In conclusion, this is the appropriate way to develop a good blog for my business, and it will help me attract many people to my website. Engaging with such kinds of celebrities in my blog will quickly get fame. I am confident that it will work. Even though the methods of approaching it are well, and it is evident on launching the spa blog, I need any support.


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