Memorandum on the Subject of Raise Denying

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  • TO: John Smith, Supervisor
  • FROM: (Your Name), Sales Agent
  • DATE:
  • SUBJECT: Raise Denying

I am writing to discuss the recent denial of my request for a 5% annual salary increase, which was explained by the company’s weak economy at present. I considered the mentioned rationale and wanted to describe to you the reasons why I should receive my requested raise.

To begin with, I wanted to emphasize my significant role in the company as a sales agent. I attached the document by which you can access the full report about my personal sales rates for the years on this position. Moreover, in this file, I included the comparative characteristics of all employees efficiency. As you can observe, my personal sales numbers are in the 10% of the company, which is the first reason for me to pretend for the salary increase.

In the other document, I included the data regarding my contribution to the division’s sales. According to the numbers, 40% of them were performed by me, which is considerable evidence of my hard work for the company’s well-being. In addition, as you know, I am an experienced agent who tends to provide our customers a positive sales experience (Sujan, 2019). It is vital for our products consumers’ benefit that I am motivated enough to provide them with high-quality service.

On the other hand, I want to reassure you of your beliefs regarding the company’s economy. In the last file attached, I included information, which shows that the business has experienced significant and steady growth in profits over the past five years. According to it, the company’s ability to sustain a minor increase in one employee’s salary is apparent.

Taking everything into consideration, I am confident that I proved my value to the company and precisely explained the existing possibility to fulfill my request for an annual salary increase.


Sujan, P. (2019). Personal selling: Definition, techniques, and examples. Mailshake.