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Every company always strives to emerge the best in the competitive business world. Primarily, it is a prerogative for a company to offer quality products and services in order to survive. Products and services offered by a company or business should at all times satisfy the customers. Accordingly, there is a need to evaluate the products and services offered by a company in order to ascertain whether or not they fulfill market needs.

Overview of the articles

It is important that companies evaluate new products and services by conducting qualitative marketing research. According to Hoets, qualitative marketing research is essential as it can assist a business person to make better new products and marketing decisions (Hoets, 2007, p.1). There are nine applications that can be used while carrying out research. These include expert exploratory interviews, exploratory groups. new product screening groups, positioning groups, marketing tactics, competitors customer groups, pre and post quantitative groups and interviews, Diagnostic groups and interviews and finally channel interviews. While developing new products or services, it is important to know the new product ideas, product features, and positioning messages, marketing tactics and how to be successful by reducing risk. In order to achieve this goal, companies need to conduct qualitative marketing research by creating focus groups and depth interviews. Market research is helpful because business people can access new products before they initiate any sales. Market research is normally directed by moderators whose function is to analyze attitudes, beliefs and opinions of customers regarding a product or service.

Consumers are bound to have mixed reactions whenever a new product is introduced in the market. Qualitative market research should therefore be used to evaluate new products and services considering the views and opinions of consumers (Hoets, 2007, p.10).In the article ‘Develop Effective Financial Models’, financial models should be developed as they assist in evaluating new products and services in the market (Seasholtz, 2003, par. 3). These financial models are substantially planed to evaluate anything related to finance. Financial models are designed by teams of people who are normally faced with different challenges. The challenges may include ideology differences within the teams, lack of historical information and assumptions which may mislead the financial models. For an effective model to be achieved, one should understand the basic decisions that are applied in a model. Alongside this factor, a person should build a central structure of the model, perform a scenario examination and make the model insightful (Seasholtz, 2003, par. 3).


Ultimately, company owners need to know how new products and services are received in the market by consumers. Before launching a new product, it is important to carry out qualitative market research for the purpose of evaluation. This is effective as it can help prevent future losses as a result of products that have been rejected by consumers. The financial model can also be applied as they are designed to help managers in their decision-making. The financial tools can be used in the evaluation and planning of future performance (Seasholtz, 2003, par3).


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