Personal Factors Shaping Consumer Buying Behavior

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Personal factors that could influence the buying behavior of a consumer include his or her age, profession, income, lifestyle, and individuality. It could be noticed on a daily basis that in the supermarkets, the package of snacks and food for children is brighter and more colorful than the wrappings of food items that are oriented on the adult target audience. This is made to catch the attention of young consumers.

A more interesting example is provided by the largest Indian automobile company and its car Tata Nano released in 2017. Nano hatchback was the cheapest car in the world, and the managers believed that its low price would attract customers who could not afford to purchase a more expensive one. The major problem with the car was that the moderate price was achieved at the expense of quality. More precisely, in Tata Nano, there were no baggage hold, air conditioner, safety cushion, and rubber sealant. Therefore, though the car was cheap, it was not only inconvenient but also not safe to use. From first sight, there is no direct view of consumers` behavior. Nevertheless, this automobile is known for emphasizing its low price and quality.

From this, it could be inferred that people who did not have enough money were humiliated by an offer to buy such a car because the manufacturers showed that they did not care about the safety and comfort of the potential owners of this vehicle. The image of Tata Nano contradicted the self-estimation of the target audience as people who deserve to obtain products of good quality.