Purchasing a Brand-New Luxury Motor Vehicle

Subject: Decision Making
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First of all, the risks of owning a new luxury motor vehicle can be considered. It means the existence of such concerns as reliability, cost, and benefits associated with its owning. For instance, an expensive car might demand significant spending on its maintenance, and this factor should be considered when cogitating about the purchase and making a final solution.

As for media, this factor will also be significant for the final solution. Luxurious goods are usually associated with debates in society and people’s attention. For this reason, media coverage and its positive image will precondition the correct choice. In other words, the purchase of a new Tesla car can be influenced by the current attention devoted to social platforms and the positive image that is created due to the wide use of Internet resources.

As for social characteristics, it is vital to consider the existing cultural peculiarities, relations, and ethical concerns. If a new luxury vehicle contributes to the improvement of my social status and better cooperation with people who surround me, it should be acquired as a possible way to enhance social characteristics.

Finally, the demographic aspect of any good is vital for the final decision. Traditionally, brands consider the peculiarities of their target audience to ensure that an offered product will meet their requirements for quality and price. For example, for a luxury vehicle, I will consider if it suits my current characteristics, such as the level of income, age, and living conditions.

In such a way, the choice of a new car will be influenced by the factors mentioned above as they play a vital role in the decision-making process and help to select an item.