Promotional Campaigns for American Minorities

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The promotional campaigns of different products also presuppose the use of various materials to create ads, promotional materials, and other elements needed to attract customers’ attention to specific products. Thus, the combination of some benefits associated with the use of a particular good and eco-friendly incentives might be especially important for attracting a target audience. For instance, for ready-to-eat-cereals, the emphasis on fair trade incentives and organic farming can contribute to the increase in the number of Hispanic, Asian American, and African American consumers as they have a high interest in these issues. At the same time, it can help to create a positive image among these groups.

Regarding iPods, the use of solar power to charge them can help to popularize the goods among the discussed populations as it contributes to the reduction of costs and more effective use of energy, which is important for representatives of these cohorts. Additionally, eco-friendly packing can also be an option that will help to achieve higher sales.

Finally, for designer jeans, the fact that they are made of waste and are not as expensive as other ones can also contribute to the increased popularity among the outlined audience. The combination of considerable cost and the ability to help the environment might have a positive impact on people and make them buy designer jeans more willingly. In such a way, eco-friendly incentives have some advantages, including a better state of the environment and increased attention to such goods.