Quality Controls Within Organizations

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Quality is defined as the ability of the products and services provided to meet the client’s needs. Customer’s certitudes are always informed by the type of treatment they get when they need a service. In the eyes of the client, quality is measured by better performance, nice features, and proper communication. Quality in a hotel may relate to the professionalism amongst the staff; in manufacturing companies, it can be reflected when the product is defect-free; in a restaurant, it might relate to the type and taste of the food. Most organizations that embrace quality always believe that there is room for improvement, with a focus on perfection as the goal. Some of the tools which are applied by organizations to measure quality include; check sheets, scatter diagrams, cause and effect diagrams, Pareto charts, flow charts, histograms, and statistical process control. (Heizer & Barry 1)

Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, with 31 locations worldwide, believes that a customer is satisfied only when quality service is offered. The hotel believes in personal service hence making the clients experience the value of being in a hotel. The management is always involved in the quality inspection of all the materials that are being used in the production. This is important as it ensures that only authorized quality and healthy products are used.

Arnold Palmer hospital, which is one of the biggest hospitals in America for children and women with a staff of over 2000 and 431 beds, treats quality as its top most priority. They believe that size is never an issue when dealing with quality. In this hospital, there are various processing units and each, and every staff is involved in the processing activities and therefore ensuring that the provision of top most services is maintained. The hospital involves itself in empowerment by ensuring that authority is moved to the lowest level possible. They also do a benchmark, which ensures standards products are selected to represent the best performance. The hospital, after two weeks, does a survey amongst the treated patients asking for feedback in terms of quality services. The hospital uses Pareto charts, which help to identify a few critical items and flow charts, which graphically describe a process or a system.

Darden restaurant, which is one of the largest restaurants in the world with revenue of about $5.2 billion, uses statistical process controls and flow charts, scatter diagrams to ensure that quality is maintained in the business. To ensure quality control, the Darden restaurant does regular inspections in all the departments. The parameters which are used are set to particular standard levels, which the management believes are consistent with the needs of the customers. The vendors of the Darden are always aware that their products must always undergo quality checks before being accepted. They are therefore trained and equipped to ensure that all the necessary processes are being followed. The restaurant does very rigorous quality procedures which include, sending the unit’s quality staff to the supplier’s production area to access where and how they get their products.

Finally, Fritos lay, which is a manufacturer of various food products, believes that what is consumed by human beings must of high standards. With a presence in so many countries, the management always ensures that the right quality materials are used in manufacturing. Constant inspections and keen supervision are very important when dealing with the issue of quality checks. (Heizer & Barry 1)

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