Recruitment and Selection of Employees

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The human resource administrators focus on managing and providing guidelines on overall human resource services. They have to synchronize the performance of people-related services, guidelines and program through Human Resource Staff. These managers report to the CEO and inform the company’s managers about issues relating to the personnel. Moreover, they are responsible for the development of processes that lead a company towards acknowledging its aspirations and objectives. HR administrators handle employees’ concerns, including employment process, position duties, training, and compensation.

Recruiting methods for Human resource managers

Before an association begins to recruit the managers, it has to make decisions on a recruitment policy. Moreover, it should consider peripheral and internal factors. After considering these factors, the organization can use various employment sources like skills inventories, job postings, employment agencies and professional bodies. Furthermore, recruiters should pick the best way of recruiting. For example, the methods used for recruiting are, placing an advertisement or having a special event of promotion or they can decide to combine moth these methods (Mathis, 2010).

The recruitment method I would use for the concerned managers is the internal. In this method, an organization chooses to fill the post amongst its personnel. I fancy this method because it is reasonably priced and swifter way that a company can use. Another reason for using this method is that people are already familiar with the organization thus acknowledging its operations. Moreover, providing opportunities for promotion within the business can be motivating to the employees. The method is also advantageous because, the company knows its employees’ potency and weaknesses and therefore, choosing the best candidate would easier.

How to identify a good fit

When identifying people who fit a job, I would first look at their academic qualifications. I would prefer candidates who have a bachelor’s degree. For undergraduates, they should have perused a balance curriculum, which includes English, economics, labor law, behavioral sciences, statistics and accounting. “A master’s degree in Human resource management, organizational development, business administration, industrial relations and behavioral science” are supplementary advantages. In an organization, there are practices, which the new hires must focus on when they start the job.

Secondly, I would consider the candidates skills in relation to the job. The applicants must have strong interpersonal skillfulness and this should be recognized when conducting interviews that will test the candidates’ ability to relate to a diverse group of people. The candidates ought to have outstanding people skills, strong sense of fairness and the ability to resolve conflicts. Numerous entities prefer their employees to work in teams. Therefore, the Human resource managers should also know the team dynamics and find ways to bring different personalities together and make the team to function.

The human resource managers should have strong time management skills and personal efficiency. For this reason, I should choose a person who can multitask because this post requires individuals who can handle many issues within a short time. Priorities and business ought to move swiftly thus, the HR administrators need to be fast in handling concepts.

Moreover, the candidates should have knowledge about the organization and its strategies for them to contribute tactically. The most vital things they should know about the organization is the fiscal, technological, and other aspects of the organization.


Interview questions

  1. Please highlight the stratagems that will be helpful whilst prioritizing human resource endeavors.
  2. What division drives the division focus?
  3. What are the likely stratagems that are instrumental in inspiring the human resource personnel thus making it simpler for them to attain their professional goals?
  4. A worker from another division is discontented with her performance appraisal. She has appealed to her administrator with minimal response and is seeking your assistance. Describe the stratagems that would be instrumental in handling such a scenario.
  5. What would you do upon discovery that HR personnel discuss confidential queries with personnel?
  6. You are preferred to convey a presentation to supervisory leadership for the human resources thus enhancing a fundamental role in the operation. Exemplify major points that will convince your addresses to allow HR at the meeting.
  7. You lately made a disliked decision that can potentially influence a significant fraction of the personnel. Describe the stratagems and procedures that will aid in explaining the condition.
  8. Please explicate on a time when you were faced with an intricate situation and what was your response to such a situation?
  9. Elucidate how one handles “a notice of audit” issued by the “office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs” and how would you confer the terms of an appeasement agreement?
  10. Give your stratagems of initiating worker opinion survey, and clarifying the results. What would be the purpose of your worker judgment survey, with your acquaintance of this company?
  11. Describe the sexual harassment training you delivered to employees, including how you captured the attention of employees who fail to recognize the gravity of sexual irritation or other unfair employment practices.


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