Recruitment, Retention and Motivational Challenge: Business Memorandum

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  • To: Mr. Johnson
  • From: Caroline James
  • Date: June 17, 2021
  • Subject: Recruitment, Retention and Motivational Challenge

There is stiff competition in the labor market as businesses around us are looking for expansion and have new positions to accommodate new employees. From a human resource perspective, the organization has a lot of pressure to retain the most talented resources and give them the best treatment and benefits for its long-run benefit. The most challenging role of the Human Resource department is retaining human resources in their suitable occupations as we acknowledge that employees are capitalists. Based on researchers, it is more important to retain employees more than before because the market has presented numerous chances for people to switch from their current employments to better ones.

In the present scenario, the central issue is retaining the valuable and talented workers who might leave for other companies if their plights are not addressed. One of the challenges we face is salary dissatisfaction, whereby some of our workers request salary increments. Every employee expects to be offered a higher salary which acts as the primary reason for their quitting. The idea is to come to a compromise so as not to lose our best. Another challenge that some researchers have analyzed is that some employees get bored doing the same job for years (Berman et al., 2015). Some like to switch to new fields and try new things. Such employees include the millennial who look for opportunities to learn and expand their careers. Researchers confirm that 87% of Millenials want to grow and learn, and fortunately, their movement can be stopped

The employees’ salary increment should be addressed not to let our best employees leave for other companies because of failure. There are many employment opportunities, and some pay higher than our company. Losing the best employees would affect the business and compromise the company’s profitability (Berman et al., 2015). Additionally, it will be costly to hire new employees because of conducting interviews and training them afresh. The employees have taken the initiative of asking for pay raises, and if they are not considered, they might quit and go for greener pastures. Furthermore, the company risks hiring wrong candidates after its best quits. Recruitment plays an essential role in the company as it determines the company’s future. Unfortunately, it may not always be a success as the company could hire employees who would destroy it instead of building it. That is why retaining the current employees is the best idea.





Prepared by: Caroline J. For the period: June 30, 2021.

Action Goal Timelines Responsible
Outcomes for
Employees salary increment by 10% Employee
Two weeks The finance manager 96% Profit margin
Job rotation Employee retention Four weeks HR manager 90% Number of employees

Hence, the above actions should be taken to address the issues affecting employees. Increasing their salaries by 10% would ensure that the company does not lose its best and productive employees. This is because, having received a pay rise, they will have no reason to seek greener pastures. Similarly, I recommend that the company starts practicing job retention to retain the employees who might leave because of boredom or wanting to grow their careers. Millennial employees leave to advance their careers, and they do not have to go. The implementation of a job rotation strategy can help a company retain talents (Berman et al., 2015). Moreover, the employees will be motivated to choose Johnson Company and increase their efforts to boost the company. Nevertheless, job rotation will identify new talents and assign duties based on what an employee can do best.

With Regards,

Caroline James,



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