SAS’s Personnel Management Utilizing the POLC Framework

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At the moment, I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I hope that this program would better prepare me for employee interactions in prospective managing and administrative jobs, as well as preparing ahead in workplace circumstances.

SAS’s personnel management utilizing the POLC framework is characterized by a people-first approach based on previous planning, preparation, and study. This takes me to my first POLC framework example, planning. Goodnight devised corporate strategies to increase staff retention and loyalty. He prepared for the future by examining the cost-effectiveness of the services he would provide (Kaplan, 2010). These bonuses promote employee relations and morale, all with the goal of ensuring that his staff return to work every day.

The next aspect to consider is organization. I feel that organization in SAS is based on the workplace culture and how that culture pulls workers and management together. SAS offers a variety of benefits to its workers, with the goal of keeping them happy and engaged. This in turn keeps productivity high and everyone pleased, suggesting the organization of the firm is producing and getting the job done.

Leading is the third facet on the list. I believe Goodnight is an excellent leader for his organization, owing to the closeness with which he interacts and perceives his staff. Goodnight, for example, might be observed going to the company barber or bringing meals in for his staff. These simple gestures make the supervisor appear more human and approachable, rather than an overpowering figure who commands people who work for them. Employees aren’t handled like things at work, and they enjoy a lot of liberties that others don’t (Kaplan, 2010). Obviously, SAS is still in charge and has expectations for its staff but giving them the impression that they aren’t under constant pressure may be a great place to start.

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