Stocks Included in the Various Funds of Numeric

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Every organization is encouraged to monitor various aspects that can determine its productivity. For instance, analyzing the firm’s stocks allows companies to learn about the sales trends and production levels. In this case, the exhibit is vital to the Numeric firm since it can be analyzed to determine the characteristics of the stocks recorded in the various funds of the organization. Additionally, the exhibit reveals the most extensive holdings of representative portfolios. Based on the data provided, one can note that the different sector weights had contributed to the stocks included in the Numeric funds. For instance, consumer noncyclical was the sector that had a significant impact on the firm’s performance, having a portfolio of 23.6. The financial section also significantly impacted the firm since it had a collection of 15.4. Style exposures have also been recorded in the exhibit and can be analyzed to show their characteristics in the Numeric firm’s funds.

Price earnings, dividend yields, and liquidity are some of the essential aspects included in the exhibit to enable individuals to understand how different characteristics of stocks influenced the firm’s performance. People can also learn from the records that the style exposures such as book prices impacted Numeric funds. The most extensive holdings have also been included in the exhibit to show how different parties contributed to stocks included in the Numeric funds. One of the affluence is the WellPoint Health Network which had the highest collection. Therefore, some aspects such as the sector weights, style exposures, and the number of positions are analyzed in the exhibit to help individuals understand how the Numeric firm uses its funds.