“Substantially Reduce Personnel” and “Significantly Increase Productivity” in the Workplace

Subject: Employee Management
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There are strategic plans which should be implemented by the human resource director when planning to reduce personnel and on the other hand to increase productivity within the organization. For productivity to be increased by fewer personnel the few employees must be empowered completely by the human resource director. In the production department, the machines which are in operation should be the advanced types that require less human labor. A machine with a big capacity which can be operated by few people is the best in such a situation despite the cost of purchasing it.

The few employees should be equipped a fresh with more skills for better performances. The training of these employees should focus on the current job and the possible future changes to keep them empowered throughout the working period. By reducing the personnel it implies that there would be no room for mistakes which would call for repetition of the wok already done. This can be achieved through giving the employees the authority to complete their assigned jobs.

This will make them to feel completely entrusted for their duties and think of the final results even before they begin the assigned projects. This empowerment of employees motivates them to use all the skills they have acquired, and experience to ensure that they achieve the set goals. The human resource director should always keep the subordinates well informed about the current priorities of every project in progress.

The communication system within the organization must be improved to the most advanced one, to ensure the information is passed as quick as possible to the desired recipients. With few numbers of employees, the company can not afford to waste any time through some delayed messages. All the critical issues should be communicated fast so that they can be acted upon as soon as possible. All the duties and responsibilities of every employee should be made available to him or her together with their time limits. The rewarding system of such employees and other ways of motivating them should always be at the peak point.