General Motors Corporation and Ford’s Hyundai Emulation

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Making a decision as to whether to error not to emulate Hyundai is very critical for General Motors and Ford since, despite economic hard times that saw reduced sales, Hyundai managed an increase.

Hyundai is rolling very fast while the rest of the firms from the U.S. are facing hard times. It was able to make an increase of 8 percent even during the economic crisis. Hyundai leaped past Ford and is now one of the top four car makers in the U.S. This is critical since competing in the U.S., and the greatest car market is very difficult. The success of Hyundai is believed to have been inspired by Toyota.

The reason for them getting to the market was not just to face the competition but rather to dominate the market. It seems that the success of Hyundai was a sustained corporate endeavor for reinvention. Basically, in Korea, the mother nation of Hyundai, there was very limited competition, and the firm could not face the challenges of the international market. However, when it entered the U.S. market, it had to venture into high-quality cars in order to compete efficiently. As a consequence, the firm made a very big leap over American companies. Essentially, the new models are well furnished, stylish, and fuel conservative. This is a very big difference since 1986 when Hyundai launched its $5000 car.

Analysis of the improving Hyundai sales reveals that it reduced the workforce by retrenching, reinventing new models, and then it emerged even stronger than it was in a short span. This campaign began showing positive signs of breakthrough and being very consistent with its dealings. The consistent effort that Hyundai has exhibited has made it a credible competition even to bigger firms like Toyota. Toyota was one company that grew very rapidly and enlarged more quickly, a trend that is being followed by Hyundai.

This is a very important lesson to Form and G.M. The lesson is very easy to recognize though it can be very hard to emulate. The two giant firms’ inexcusably high-quality cars, however, spread makes the difference. When a firm has to beat the competitors, it has to stay ahead of competitors. In order to be able to achieve that, the two firms will be forced to step up their marketing effort making it more appropriate. Hyundai’s strategy has been very successful since it addressed specific clients’ requirements. Emulating Toyota and Hyundai G.M. and Ford are bound to spring back even stronger than before.