Economic Interdependence in Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed

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Economic interdependence can be looked at in a number of ways, this is basically the ways and means through which growth is achieved through the various development projects that are initiated in the region. There is also more to do with the kind of lifestyles that people live that contributes to economic growth. Economic growth depends on every individual effort that is compiled to come up with a mass of people working hard. However, the ability to spend depends on an individual yet its impacts can be felt by a group.

For instance, when people fail to invest in development projects, they deny others who do not have the ability to save the opportunity to work. The urban poor will mostly depend on the job opportunities that are created by the rich and those in the middle class. Ehrenreich had a personal test of living poor and discovered how much she could have saved. Her spending habits were always under check due to the minimal wages she received. She was also not subjected to some of the levies charged on the poor due to her little income. The urban poor will spend their money on what matters and hence contributing to urban development.

In relation to this, Ehrenreich suggests that if other people adapted the spending habits of the poor, then there would still be enough for development. This is however not about them not accessing some of the basic needs that the poor people are not able to access, but being able to invest a bigger portion in development projects. Such projects will improve the standards of people and especially the urban poor.

Economic interdependence means that more money is being invested into development activities that will increase job opportunities. Urban ecology as expressed by Ehrenreich states the importance of minimizing expenditure and investing in economical projects. The discovery that was made by Ehrenreich in her research implies the possibility of achieving balance through investments and proper utilization of finances.