Values, Mission and Social Responsibility, Exhibited at Establishment

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There are certain values, which are characteristic of Island Pet Shop. One of them is integrity in relationships with the clients. For example, if a person intends to buy a pet and he or she is not able to take care of this creature, the shop assistants may dissuade him from making this purchase. One may say that this diminishes the profits and that it is not prudent to act in this way.

Yet, there are several rationales for this policy: first, the management has to make sure that clients are satisfied, and if something happens to them or to their pets, they will not return to the shop. Furthermore, it is necessary to think about the safety of the customers as some species, especially reptiles, may be extremely dangerous, provided that they are handled inappropriately.

This is why the employees frequently warn people against hypothetical dangers. The individual must know that owning an animal is not only an enjoyment but an enormous responsibility. The management of Island Pet Shop understands that in the modern age when the principles of corporate social responsibility are strong, mere pursuit of profits is ethically and economically impermissible. Certainly, the key goal and mission of a pet shop are to bring joy into the lives of people, but this must not be done at any cost.

Another issue, which is of great concern for Island Pet Shop is the humane treatment of animals. It is of crucial importance to pay careful attention to the manner in which they are transported, kept, fed, and so forth. I would like to emphasize the idea that this is not only a moral obligation. The thing is that the animal that has ever suffered cruelty may inflict a severe injury on its owner. Such accidents can result in heavy losses for the firm. So, this shop has to keep the balance between its own interests and the welfare of the community. In this context, the term “community” includes both customers and animals.