Managerial Skills and New Employees Training

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The person, who intends to join Island Pet Shop as an employee, has very few chances to work his way from a trainee to a manager. The thing is that this is a family-owned and rather small business. There are practically no opportunities for professional development, and consequently, employees do not feel motivated. Additionally, this firm does not have sufficient financial resources to provide training services to workers in order to elaborate their managerial skills and competencies. One may even suggest that there is no necessity to do it especially given the size and structure of the shop.

Nevertheless, the small size and relative simplicity of the structure may be very deceiving. Like any other company, this enterprise has to establish an elaborate supply chain and partnerships, find loyal clients, etc. So, the importance of leadership and management should not be underestimated. Nonetheless, I have to acknowledge that the owners of Island Pet Shop do not give due attention to this aspect. Judging from my experience, I may say that there is virtually no formal preparation program.

The basic skills were developed through practice and problem-solving. In the beginning, during the probation stage, I had to learn about the variety of species available in the shop because so that I could better orientate myself within the building. This process was very time and effort-consuming. Afterward, I was taught how to interact with the visitors. One of the most daunting tasks was to find an approach to children. The probation period did not last long, approximately two weeks. When I started working as a shop assistant, other employees helped me, but there was practically no mentorship. It seems to me that this lack of leadership and employee training is one of the major problems for Island Pet Shop.