Performance Management Strategy and Methods

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Poodle international is an environmental conservation organization that employs over 350 employees. The organization deals with the replanting of trees in the deforested areas and encouraging the locals to revert to the traditional methods of preserving the forests. The performance management leaves a lot to be expected. The recruitment methods are poor and not based on merit. Nepotism is apparent, and the employees are not well-matched to their jobs. There is a poor job description due to overlapping responsibilities. Employee turnover is high, with three people on average leaving the company every month. There are no reward systems in place, and once the employee enters the company, there is no follow-up to determine how they are doing.

The strategy should be planned according to the needs and requirements of the organization. The plan should be tailored according to the nature of the organization, the key players in the implementation, and the aims and objectives of the business.

The plan I would recommend for my organization is by first defining the goals and then pairing the preferred results in terms of value, amount, cost, and time. This is followed by a detailed explanation of the demands on the employee so as to act as a guide in order to attain the desired results.

The employee and organizational goals should then be aligned so that the goals of the employee can contribute to the organizational results. Desired results should be prioritized, and each result studied further to establish performance. The recruitment policy should be amended in order to get the best workers for a given position and should be based on merit. Training and management of the employee should be performed on a continuous basis.

Implementing this plan has many challenges. These include the problem of having the necessary resources to ensure that the plan is fully implemented. The achievability of the results also brings a problem in identifying the optimum levels of production for a given timeframe.

The proper definition of some job requirements may not be possible, especially when the descriptions tend to overlap. When this happens, the organization may have more workers than it requires hence wastage of resources.

Reconciliation of employees and organizational goals is not easy. This would otherwise help incorporate the employee as a part of the company hence a sense of belonging.

Cultural barriers and poor integration within the organization result in a barrier to information flow. People may reject the need to cooperate with others hence a harsh environment to implement the plans.