Customer Relationships with Brands Head&Shoulders & Bowflex

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The two product brands selected are Hair color – Head and Shoulders and Exercise equipment brands –Bowflex. Constructing a brand association is a key issue in running a charming business. Interactivity and a modified approach in publicity and merchandise endorsement have turned out to be inevitable in our contemporary world marketplace circumstances. Building an accurate brand association by means of consumers will permit them to put aside the resources and stay in the company.

The brand name of the product exhibits its uniqueness to the public. “Brands encapsulate a whole range of communication, learning, history, feeling about a product or company within a simple name and logo. But although the name may be simple, the ideas underpinning brands and the different ways in which brands are used are both complex and multi-faceted.”

The brand image of the product helps to create brand loyalty towards the product. Branding is an extremely influential constituent in business. The brand name should have a symbol to create branding faster and more achievable. The customers make a decision, and they purchase merchandise or make use of a service on the basis of how they scrutinize the brand name. The brand is not only suitable for dealing with repeated consumer buy but also makes it faster and easier for consumers to filter out the innumerable general substance. The brand provides customers with the cause to purchase it.

The individuality of goods and services will strengthen the brand name. Advertise to the extent that it is probable to extend that communication and create it into a cult brand name. The shampoo marketplace usually has universal shampoos and shampoos by means of conditioners, shampoo for hair treatment, etc. Head and Shoulders is a brand name of the shampoo. It offers its uniqueness towards the shampoo. Like various exercise equipment, manufacturers provide various brands of products to their immediate customers. Bowflex is a brand name like any product brand name, and it offers the product with its own features and attributes.

The customers’ relationship with the brands can be identified depending on the purchase made by the customers, the sales ratio. And the volume speaks about the attitude towards the product by the customers and the loyalty exhibited by the customers.