Marketing and Its Application Fields

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It is important for marketers to know that for marketing to take place there has to be authorization for it to be initiated. People do not just get products direct into the market before getting authorization as per the set business laws in the marketing region. Failure to do this, they are likely to find themselves in trouble for not adhering to the set statutes governing marketing. In marketing, there are laws that are supposed to be adhered to and this applies to the type of product, the price, the place of marketing, and the marketing techniques used. The prices of specific products are controlled meaning that they should not exceed a given amount to protect consumers from manipulation by sellers.

The marketing technique is also controlled to avoid commotion in the sale of goods. This means that different goods use different promotion techniques in marketing. For instance, the promotion of motor vehicles is likely to be different from that of foodstuffs. The place of marketing is also governed by given rules that control marketing in a given area.

For instance, the marketing laws in America are different from those of China hence one cannot move from America and expect to practice sales in China as he used before in America. This would definitely land him in a problem if there happen to be differences in marketing laws in China. It is therefore clear that marketing mix is affected by people, communities, nations, or society.