The Business Problems, Situations, and Opportunities as an Ethical Issues

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The field of business ethics involves several issues, situations and opportunities. These are instances where a business organization finds itself in a position where they have to make a decision by considering their own benefits or consider the ethical issues within this situation. In most cases, considering ethical issues would mean cutting into the profits while the reverse is true. This paper will identify some of the instances and situations where the ethical decision-making is required. To start with, the issue of product safety proves to be a challenge to many companies that come from developed countries who later invest in developing countries that have legal frameworks that are weaker. In such cases, the companies fail to adopt the standards stipulated in their countries of origin and hence invest less in the developing country. By doing this, they fail to observe the safety standards and hence subject the public to great danger.

Secondly, work safety is another issue that needs some ethical considerations. In developed countries, strict rules have been enacted to ensure that the work safety of employees is adhered to by the business organizations. This includes health covers for workers. Observing this means more expenses. As a result, companies resort to invest in other countries where such rules are not enforced strictly. Finally, the working environment indicates another ethical situation. While business organizations in developed countries are forced to pay their employees according to specified amounts, other countries do not strictly adhere to this rule of minimum wage. Some organizations hence decide to have annex companies in the developing countries so that they can pay low wages and reduce their expenses.

The only solution to these problems is that companies should engage in ethical decision-making. They should make decisions concerning those companies in developing countries using the same rules and laws that they operate under in the developed countries. They should ensure that they make work safety, product safety and other conditions with the same enthusiasm as done in the developed countries. As for my company, I expect that the management should ensure that the wages and salaries are specified according to the rules they have in their home countries. This will help us get better salaries as compared to what we get currently.