Shell Petroleum Company’s Mission, Values and Key Objectives

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Any organization should have a mission that will guide towards the future highlighting the major priorities of the organization. It provides direction and purpose which are vital in motivating and encouraging the employees creating an atmosphere of responsibility.

The vision of a company sets the pace and points to the future usually in a more competitive way. It is a mental image waiting to be fulfilled as such keeps the company looking to the future. The objectives take into consideration what an organization specifically does. It should be quantifiable so that you can tell the actual position of the organization. It should be realizable while being time-bound but one that survives the tides of the market. The objectives should be understood and agreed upon by all.

Shell Petroleum Company is one of the global biggest energy companies, providing its clients with fuel, energy and light as well as retail services and petroleum products. The main vision is to be the most excellent performer and Most Preferred Refinery. The mission of Shell Petroleum is, “to consistently deliver value to investors by undertaking its activities in a safe, environmentally friendly, sustainable and achieve profitability while employing a diverse, authentic and results-oriented team, driven to deliver excellence.” This shows commitment to the environmental endeavours of the surrounding community as a major stakeholder. They safeguard the environment by the use of modern technology and technique that control emissions and other wastages that bring environmental degradation. It is a partner and provider to the shareholders, customers, employees, business partners, society and future generations.

The company aim is a commitment to deliver consistent results by focusing on the benefits to investors, realizing the employee potential, customer satisfaction, n profitability, safeguarding asset integrity, lowering structural and production cost, superior management system, providing Health, Safety, security and environmental integrity.