Involving Consumers With Control of Leaders’ Ethics

Subject: Business Ethics
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Observation of the code of ethics is a critical aspect of an organization’s functioning as it helps to remain popular among its clients. For this reason, the involvement of consumers in controlling ethical behaviors can be an advantageous strategy to increase the popularity of a brand. The plan to attain this goal presupposes the need to create effective monitoring mechanisms to provide individuals with information about decision-making and ethical behaviors. It can be organized by their online presence during CEOs’ meetings to understand what strategies are approved. Moreover, reports about the recent changes and methods should be available to clients for them to remain informed about the work of the company. Business leaders should also be informed about this solution to ensure that their rights are also observed. From another perspective, consumers’ involvement in controlling ethical behavior can be viewed as one of the sources of power available to leaders.

First, the functioning of any organization is designed with the primary goal of meeting the current needs of its target audience, meaning that a leader who is appraised by clients and whose decisions are viewed as ethical becomes more popular and acquire the change to impact the decision-making of the company’s top management. Under these conditions, the implementation of this model should also consider the power issues as it can promote some changes in the functioning of the organization. For this reason, all stakeholders affected by the decision should be ready for the change and have their own visions of the would-be environment and how it can affect them. Following these points, it is possible to introduce an effective monitoring system.