Sears Company’s Leadership to Restore Past Glory

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The central aspect affecting Sears is the extreme rivalry peculiar to the sphere. For this reason, the brand has to acquire a strong competitive advantage to attract clients. One of the possible ways to achieve it is to change the corporate culture towards higher levels of excellence among its workers. It also presupposes the application of the basic ideas of strategic leadership to focus on the major problems of the firm and offer ways to resolve them. It implies the creation of a vision of a new desired state or positive change.

For Sears, it means the restoration of its power and previous popularity levels. Moreover, strategic leadership outlines the ways how to achieve the desired goals by evaluating the current state of organizations and the resources available to them. It might also presuppose conducting a SWOT analysis to outline the current problem. Thus, Sears should devote more attention to human resource management and make this aspect one of the major attractions of the firm. The given alteration presupposes additional training, education, and courses for all workers to ensure that they acquire a set of skills and competencies needed to meet clients’ diversified demands and increase the level of their satisfaction.

Moreover, the personified approach that rests on high preparedness levels will become the main feature attracting new clients, which will also help to restore the past glory of the retailer. These actions can be accomplished in terms of the high-quality business strategy formulated by using strategic leadership and its major assumptions. The alteration in the company’s culture and performance will also mean the need for new management models that will create the basis for further growth and stable development.