Influencing Minimum Wage Earners in Order-Fulfillment Center

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One of the ways to guarantee the increased effectiveness of employees is to motivate them to achieve new goals. For this reason, it is critical to find practical tools that will help to work with minimum wage earners in an order-fulfillment center.

First, a Chief Operation Officer should introduce a clear and understandable rewarding practice. The achievement of a certain number of orders and the absence of clients’ claims will help a worker to acquire extra payments. It will help to enhance their effectiveness and engagement. Second, the major ideas of transformational leadership and influence tactics should be employed to attain the desired outcome. This approach presupposes working in a team to identify the needed change and guide workers, inspiring and motivating them. The rewards mentioned above are the first possible method.

Moreover, the use of rational persuasion can also be useful in this situation. This cohort should be provided with logical arguments and factual evidence showing the benefit they will acquire if they engage in. the training and courses needed to boost their effectiveness. Minimum wage earners should become interested in their career growth and ready to take part in educational activities to enter a new stage and contribute to the further development of their company.

Additionally, apprising influence tactics can work as showing how better engagement and performance and engagement will benefit workers’ careers might help to motivate them. In such a way, the combination of fair rewarding practices, transformational leadership, and influence tools, such as rational persuasion and target apprising, might help to manage these employees and attain higher performance levels among them, which is one of the best possible outcomes.