The Demographic Data and Marketing Strategies

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Demographic data consist of components that make up the demographics of a particular population. Demographics are the qualities of a sample population. When these qualities are put together for any particular purpose, it becomes demographic data. A marketer uses recent demographic data of a region to predict his target market and profit estimate. Demographic data include age, marital status, location, gender, and occupational status to mention a few. Demographic data must be up to date at all times. In marketing, a combination of traits of a population makes up a demographic profile and marketers employ two or three of these variables to predict product sales.

The demographic variables closely associated with the heavy consumption of fast foods includes age, personal income level, and locality. These variables make up a demographic profile for fast foods marketing. These variables are then broken down into segments which are referred to as market segmentation. Market segmentation is the proper placing of demographic variables into sub-groups or divisions so as to acquire full information about the target market.

The demographic variables closely associated with the sale of gasoline include standard of living, personal income, location, and the number of gasoline-powered cars in that location. Likewise for movie attendance, the variables include ethnicity, location, education level of the population, and type of movies. Some tribes have taboos cinema views and such movie viewing centers will not have customers in those locations. Marketers in recent times are pressured into making huge sacrifices which is seen as an aggressive marketing strategy, this provides a sufficient boost for the product or services. For example, a newspaper industry that prints daily papers may wish to leverage its information and make it free online so as to attract customer visits, and that will attract huge benefits for the firm.