The Integrated Strategic Communication Concept

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The concept of integrated strategic communication became popular in modern marketing and public relations worldwide because the social media era gave more control to consumers, requiring companies to develop positive connections with the target audience. For example, advertisers use this tool for event planning, promotion, and direct marketing to receive attention from their customers. At the same time, public relations utilize this concept in consulting and communication management between an organization and its stakeholders (Xifra, 2020). Indeed, strategic communication is crucial because it serves as guidance for groups of people. In the public sphere, horizontal and vertical interactions constantly occur between marketers and clients, corporations and stakeholders, politicians and voters, charities and donors, or governments and citizens (Sergy, 2017). Various interpretations of this term have been developed in social science using empirical methods. This essay aims to discuss two different definitions of this concept and explain specific aspects of it.

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Defining integrated strategic communication requires a deep understanding of the levels of interaction between groups and individuals. The first definition of this term refers to “how an organization presents itself in society as a social actor in the creation of public culture and in the discussion of public issues” (Xifra, 2020, p. 144). Indeed, the critical concept involved in this explanation is using different tactics to convey a message effectively, which is essential in any field that requires interaction with the public. Davies et al. (2018) describe strategic communication as the process of “developing and delivering coordinated messages designed to create a desired effect in a target audience.” Similarly, this definition indicates the importance of this communication method to attain specific objectives.

As the name suggests, integrated strategic communication intends to use marketing and public relations knowledge to develop a suitable plan to influence people’s decisions with a persuasive message. Indeed, the era of digital technologies and constant access to information does not allow private companies and non-profit organizations to give false data that can be easily checked. Therefore, strategic planning requires identifying the target group, defining the message’s primary purpose, and determining the most effective delivery methods (Davies et al., 2018). Overall, two interrelated notions, strategy and planning, became integral components of advertisements or other promotional campaigns that strive to have a maximum impact.

This concept is essential in the sphere of media and communication because it remains the biggest influencing platform that may change people’s perception of specific issues. For example, the correct message formulation about the importance of vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 could approximate the end of the pandemic. Although the number of vaccinated individuals is relatively high, many people remain reluctant to the most effective way of terminating the global COVID-19 crisis because of popular conspiracy theories online. Hence, it is crucial to formulate a clear message that would explain the formation of herd immunity by vaccinating young and healthy people to protect vulnerable groups of the population.


To conclude, integrated strategic communication is essential for students majoring in Communication and Media because mastering this concept will allow them to plan and deliver persuasive messages to various target groups. Many definitions of this term were developed, but the common idea was that this subject’s primary purpose was to provide specific information effectively. Overall, strategic communication became an essential element of advertisement and public relations in the era of social media due to a shift in control of the marketing outcomes.


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