Digital Tools to Maintain Businesses

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In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs constantly face challenges and often experience a shortage of demand due to social constraints. The article by Loten (2020) examines the introduction of dedicated business digital tools as instruments to enable firms to return to their old modes of operation and to ensure the safety of employees. As these tools, the author mentions applications for subordinate health checks and social movement assessments (Loten, 2020). Special digital programs are automated and capable of tracking and processing information entering cloud storage. In addition, the robotic bot, which is part of the interface of this software, maintains feedback from employees and notifies them if necessary. In the face of the pandemic, many entrepreneurs are expressing a desire to integrate such applications into their workflow. The key goal is to warn about health risks and monitor any violations of the social distancing regime. Today, hundreds of companies are integrating these instruments into their businesses.

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For the entrepreneurship industry, the adoption of such digital tools is a significant step towards returning to normal working conditions. With the accuracy of health assessments performed by these applications, business owners can avoid the quarantine measures imposed when cases of COVID-19 are detected. Moreover, employees themselves are protected from unwanted threats, which minimizes losses due to unproductive or incompetent work. Since sustainability is one of the key criteria for successful entrepreneurship, implementing digital software is a valuable solution. This software contributes to maintaining familiar working conditions and capital accumulation, which are crucial objectives to realize in the face of massive restrictions and regulations imposed on public organizations. Therefore, the considered article and its topic are relevant to the sphere of entrepreneurship in modern social realities.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entrepreneurial sphere.
  • The need to return to usual working modes is relevant.
  • Business digital applications are the latest developments to help business owners.
  • Subordinate health checks and contact assessments are valuable options.
  • The monitoring process is automated and implies providing feedback by using bots.
  • Warning about health risks is important in large teams.
  • Employee performance indicators may increase due to continuous workflow.
  • Utilizing digital software correlates with capital accumulation directly.
  • Entrepreneurs can avoid critical restrictions by demonstrating good health protection results.
  • The adoption of digital tools has already begun in several hundred firms.
  • Fostering the sustainability of businesses is an important implementation objective.
  • The entrepreneurial environment can operate successfully with such digital applications.


Loten, A. (2020). Businesses tap new digital tools to reopen the workplace. The Wall Street Journal.