The ReDefine Company Analysis and Marketing

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ReDefine is a company that seeks to provide unique tourist experiences in well-known and not very familiar destinations around the world. It is based on the idea that travel can bring more happiness, satisfaction, and joy than it usually does. To achieve that, the firm offers several unique services for its customers. Firstly, ReDefine helps potential tourists to discover unspoiled attractions while simultaneously allowing rediscovering the old and familiar places. As for the former, for instance, people visiting Moscow, aside from seeing popular places, will also have an opportunity to travel to Piligrim Porto – a fake village that was previously used for making movies. In China, on the other hand, the customers of ReDefine would have a chance to visit cemeteries that are located in the mountains and which provide a unique perspective on Chinese culture and traditions. As for the latter, the company attempts to provide a more interactive and involving experience so that popular attractions are discovered in a new way. For example, such places as the Louvre in Paris hide many secrets that tourists will discover through solving various riddles.

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Secondly, ReDefine desires to introduce tourists to local cultures in a more profound way. Visitors will have a chance to participate in festivities, ceremonies, and activities in places that are not originally tourist-oriented. As one of the options, tourists will be able to visit houses of local people for lunches or dinners and learn how to cook their food. In other words, ReDefine actively promotes so-called experiential and creative types of tourism (Sugathan & Ranjan, 2019). Additionally, people can choose to have a non-professional local guide passionate to meet foreigners who may accompany them to cafes, stores, or other places during their free time. It is believed that such interaction with a commoner would allow tourists to deeper immerse into the culture of a country they visit.

Finally, the third service that ReDefine offers to its customers is good pre-travel planning. Clearly, different people like different things about traveling and look for something that would perfectly fit their personality. For that reason, the company provides a variety of vacation plans that would satisfy varying preferences. For instance, if an individual does not like cultural activities but enjoys spending time outdoors, then the company will offer that person the plan that minimizes visits to theaters and museums and maximizes sightseeing.

Competitors Analysis

In my opinion, the three biggest competitors that ReDefine company would have are Expedia Group, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor. For many years of operation in the tourism market, these businesses could create an impressive ecosystem that makes traveling easier and cheaper. For example, Expedia Group controls subsidiary firms that help to book tickets and hotel rooms and rent a car, to name a few services. Moreover, the companies mentioned above are extremely popular among young people – ReDefine’s main target group – who prefer to plan their travel online. Therefore, in order to survive such harsh competition, ReDefine should also seek to develop online services.

Marketing Promise

  1. My product is for people who believe that there is much more to discover while traveling but are unable to embrace those opportunities on their own.
  2. I will focus on people who want to deepen their knowledge about other cultures, discover unique places that can be rarely seen on the internet, and always stay open-minded to new experiences.
  3. I promise that engaging with what I make will help you get a new perspective on your own life and live more happily and meaningfully.


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