The Triple Bottom Line in a Snack Food Company

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No matter what the goals of the company, unless it is a non-profit, it must consider satisfying the shareholders and paying the employees’ salaries. In the Triple Bottom Line system, the profits are concerned not only with the maximizing the monetary gain from the products and services but by serving the community as a whole (“The Triple Bottom Line,” n.d.). Therefore, using a snacks company as an example, the profit to the company would also be consistent with the health of the community. Although it might be more fiscally opportunistic to sell snacks full of sugar and salt that would get the customers addicted to the product and hence buy more of them, it would be irresponsible towards the community. Hence, the company must strive to create products that are not detrimental to the consumers’ health.

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In order to make sure that the company is taking care of the employees, there is a need for regular feedback loop. Many employees are overworked and are a part of toxic work environments. It has been proven by multiple studies that sleep is beneficial to the work of the brain, and naps during the day improve brain performance. Therefore, both for the benefit of the company and the employees, rest and relaxation zones should be provided for the employees. Furthermore, employees must have affordable access to health insurance and regular reminders of check-ups to ensure that they are at their best potential.


Lastly, there is a responsibility towards the planet and the environment. Currently, there is an imminent climate change onset which can only be reversed if all large corporations agree to work against pollution. As a snacks company, it is likely to use many plastic wrappers – therefore, for the sake of the Triple Bottom Line Approach it must commit to finding environmentally friendly packaging and recycle efficiently.


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