Jyske Bank’s Employee Performance Gap

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Jyske Bank is an efficient financial organization that successfully aligns the service triangle consisting of the company, employees, and customers. The HR management is appropriate for the organization’s service design. During the recruitment process, potential employees are evaluated on their banking skills and social abilities, such as openness and genuine interest in other people. The assessment of interpersonal skills is necessary for a bank that values itself on high-quality customer service. In addition, only the interviewees whose answers are consistent with Jyske values are hired. Jyske employees are incentivized and empowered to provide their clients excellent service and adapt the service process to meet their needs and expectations. For example, workers are offered company stock, wage rises, and various bonuses. They are also urged to make decisions on their own to increase customer satisfaction with the bank’s services, including streamlining the credit approval process.

Furthermore, it can be argued that Jyske Bank understands the value of co-production, and clients and employees are co-producing effectively, with the former influencing the services they receive. This conclusion is drawn from the high customer satisfaction score and empowerment of employees to adjust the organization’s services to the client’s needs. Jyske recognizes the power of co-production and encourages customers to explain their needs and expectations to the staff working with them. However, it is unclear how the company addresses potential co-production failure points. Overall, Jyske directs co-production through managing the customer mix by recognizing the most profitable for the bank customer segment in families and small Danish businesses. No information is available on the bank’s management of excessive or reduced demand and waiting times at Jyske branches.

In summary, the performance gap of Jyske Bank is closed due to the investment in staff training and a positive attitude towards co-production. Jyske employees are carefully selected based on their banking and social skills and are empowered to be in charge of their work. Moreover, co-production is presented as one of the company’s central values, with the staff encouraged to adjust support and services to the needs of their clients.