Yahoo! Company’s Business Strategy

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The analysis of the company’s business strategy can contribute to the elimination of negative consequences and problems. Nowadays it is necessary to remain competitive in an ever-growing technology market. The basis of the Yahoo! strategy will attract advertisers and expand the user base. Thus, the company’s policy will be aimed at maintaining a place in the mobile application market and effective work, developing services for faster and more resource-efficient devices and attracting as many loyal partners as possible. Moreover, the main goal will also be to pay special attention to how the product is built and formed. To create strong, smart and productive systems, the company collects and analyzes a large amount of data. This tactic is also used to effectively predict whether the result for the organization will be positive and successful.

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The proposed challenge that can interfere with the company’s work and have a significant impact in causing the desired results for a successful turnaround is analysis paralysis. This phenomenon “occurs when the amount of input to a system exceeds its processing capacity” (Kumari et al., 2021, p. 4456). Moreover, it is noted that an overabundance of information can cause an information anxiety. Its main cause is a conflict between what is expected from the innovation and what effect it can actually have. It is also characterized by cases when a company has too much data and may miss the moment of product introduction in order to gain an advantage over competitors. To eliminate this problem the company turns to prototyping, run all the aspects and works in parallel and does not scale until they know that they will work and be productive.


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